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Parents/carers are asked to ensure that their child comes to school in the correct uniform. The uniform is outlined in detail in the pupil Fairfax on page 42-45. It consists of a navy blue cardigan or pullover, pale blue blouse in Year 10 -11 and pale green blouse in Year 7-9. Pupils must wear either a navy blue pin-stripe skirt or navy blue pin-stripe trousers (regulation design) with plain black shoes. Please also note the following: 

  • Hair should only be tied back with a plain black, navy or bottle green hair band/bobble. 
  • Hair colour should look natural, no stripes or two-tone effects. 
  • Socks should be plain white, navy or black. 
  • Tights should be black, navy or flesh coloured – no patterns. 
  • No bracelets of any kind – only one charity band. 
  • No nail varnish, extensions or false nails. 
  • Ear studs, one per earlobe, must be small, circular and not extend beyond the earlobe. 
  • T-shirts must not be visible under blouses. 

Our four approved suppliers are as follows:

Acceptable Uniform:

Pullover - navy blue, v-neck, plain knit, wool or man-made fibre with school badge. 

Cardigan - as above. 

Skirt– Years 8/9/10/11 - pin stripe, navy blue/green, school design.  

Skirt – Year 7 - pleated pin stripe, navy blue/green, school design.  

The ‘new style’ pleated school skirt is ‘compulsory’ for Year 7 pupils and ‘optional’ for those pupils who are in Years 8/9/10/11.  Girls in other Year Groups can purchase and wear the pleated skirt if they wish to do so. 

Please Note – both styles of skirts must be worn full length; they are not to be rolled up at the waistband. 

Trousers - pin stripe, navy blue/green, school design – for all years 

Blouse – Years 7/8/9 - green blouse in shade and style approved by Governors and available from stockists. 

Blouse – Years 10/11 - blue blouse in shade and style approved by Governors and available from stockists. 

Wearing of Blouses - the blouse should be tucked neatly – front and back into the skirt/trousers at all times. 

Year 11 – Fairfield Pin Badge - all Year 11 pupils are presented with a pin badge; the badge forms part of the Year 11 school uniform and the wearing of it is a compulsory requirement. If they lose it, the cost of purchasing a replacement will be £1.00. 

Socks - plain white, navy or black (no higher than knee length). 

Tights – plain black, navy or flesh coloured. 

Shoes - black, low heeled, sensible style without flashes, logos/stripes or trainer soles.  Any pupil found to be wearing incorrect footwear in school during the day will be asked to change into a pair of pumps/ plimsolls (school keeps a supply of these in school). 

Boots - may be worn to and from school in bad weather, but must be removed and stored in your school bag or locker during the day. 

P.E. Kit - plain white polo shirt with school badge.  Plain navy blue shorts.  Plain white, navy or black socks.  Trainers – laces must be tied securely.  Hair bobble.  

Optional - navy hoodie with school badge and navy leggings embroidered with the school initials. 

N.B.  Pumps/plimsolls/converse type shoes are not to be worn owing to health and safety reasons. 

GCSE PE– red polo shirt with school logo. 

Hair - if long, tied back with black, bottle green, navy hair bands/bobbles. 

Hair Bands - black, navy, bottle green.  Hair should be styled sensibly so as not to constitute a Health and Safety Hazard. 

Headscarf – plain headscarf, navy or black – worn to clearly show jumper/ cardigan badge and the colour of the blouse to identify whether the pupil is in Upper or Lower School. 

Jewellery - one pair of plain round silver/gold small ear stud earrings that are worn in the earlobes and do not extend beyond there.  One watch.  Pupils are permitted to wear one charity wristband. 

Unacceptable Uniform:

Pullover - turtleneck, round-neck, polo neck.  Self-pattern, e.g. cable, fancy weave.  Chunky, baggy styles, sweat shirts.  

Cardigan - as above. 

Skirt - lycra, tight mini-skirts, skirts with a split, extra-long skirts, full-length skirts, shorts. Skirts should not be rolled up at the waistband. 

Trousers - lycra trousers, baggy trousers, jeans, cords, ski-pants, leggings, canvas trousers, cycling shorts. 

Blouse – aertex blouses, t-shirts, baggy shirts – oversized blouses, variations of colour, t-shirts visible under blouses. 

Socks - other colours or any pattern.  Lace fashion socks. Chunky leg warmer type socks. Socks above the knee.  Socks with bows on them. 

Tights - other colours or any pattern. 

Shoes - no backless sling backs, high heels or thick platforms, boots, doc martins, trainers or pumps or canvas pumps.  

Any footwear that is higher than the ankle is not considered a shoe, but a boot.  

Please Note – regardless of changing fashions, our prime concern is for your safety in school.  High heels, backless sling backs and thick platform or boot style shoes are either unacceptable or simply  

Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 P.E. Kit - any other colour of t-shirt, shorts or socks.  No motifs or logos.  No tracksuit bottoms/leggings. All jewellery must be removed and hair tied back for lessons.  Sprays of any kind are not to be used. 

Please Note – pupils in all Year Groups are only permitted to wear the bespoke Fairfield PE leggings. 

No Mobile Technology (including Mobile Phones, Smart Watches and Headphones) – these will be confiscated if seen or heard during the school day. 

Jewellery - hooped earrings of any size, as these can be ripped out very easily and piercings in the tragus part of the ear.  Any other jewellery, e.g. chains, rings, necklaces, bracelets, nose studs, eyebrow studs, lip studs, any other facial piercing or body jewellery.  Nail varnish, acrylic/false nails, false eyelashes or make-up of any kind. 

Nail varnish, extensions or false nails are a real hazard in P.E.  Coloured contact lenses.  

Hair– head shaving, extreme braiding, beading, unnaturally coloured hair, e.g. stripes or two-tone effects.  Any decoration other than plain bands/ bobbles.  No flower type bobbles 

Hazards - no aerosols, e.g. perspirants, deodorants.  No hair gels, lacquer or nail varnish.  No acrylic nails. 

Headscarf – headscarf not regulation colour or with any decoration (including tassels/fringes), headscarf covering school badge on jumper/cardigan, headscarf covering the colour of the school blouse. 

T’shirts – must not be visible under the blouse. 

Tattoos – no visible tattoos or body art. 

Laser Pens – are not permitted at all; if these are brought into school, they will be confiscated. 

E-Cigarettes – are not permitted at all; these will be treated in the same way as tobacco. 

Fake Tan – pupils are not permitted to wear fake tan in school. 

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