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Design and Technology – Design and Technology is a subject that transforms: it allows pupils to learn about designing solutions to improve people’s lives, enables them to make better decisions and allows them to understand the impact of their ideas and designs on the wider world. There are many transferable life skills taught in Technology which goes far beyond teaching pupils how to be creative with materials. 

Technology is constantly changing and evolving and we encourage pupils to become creative and to take risks as we embrace these technological changes. Issues such as sustainability, global warming, landfill, and cultural considerations all form a part of designing and making in today’s society and will become more increasingly important in the future. We want pupils to be open to new ideas but also to be able to analyse products and processes to enable them to make informed choices, with the creativity to adapt and problem solve for themselves. Although women form about 50% of the workforce, only a fraction of them actually embark on careers in engineering, architecture, designing or become entrepreneurs. We see it as one of our roles to encourage pupils to consider these careers as viable options.

Design and Technology at Fairfield consists of a variety of disciplines depending upon year group including Textiles, Product Design, Electronics and Food Technology. In Year 7 you will keep the same Design and Technology Teacher all year who will work through a variety of themed projects with you.  In Years 8 and 9 the faculty works on a rotation system where pupils are taught these subjects in ten week blocks. Each module is designed to build upon the skills learnt in that subject the previous year. 

Art and Design – Pupils acquire a rich and diverse experience of Art and Design, encouraging their enthusiasm, confidence and imagination. Pupils develop a wide range of skills including both traditional and new media. They learn to appreciate and value images and artefacts across times and cultures, and to understand the contexts in which they were made. As pupils progress, they are taught to be able to think critically and establish a more rigorous understanding of Art and Design. They learn to think and act as Artists, Craftspeople and Designers, working creatively and intelligently. Pupils develop an appreciation of Art, Craft and Design, and its role in the creative and cultural industries that enrich their lives. 

The curriculum for Art and Design ensures that all pupils are given the opportunity to produce creative work, explore their ideas thoroughly and record their experiences, as well as evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of Art and Design. We have a very exciting and dynamic art department. In Art and Design lessons pupils are taught a wide variety of research, drawing and mixed media skills. Pupils make progress through a variety of observation and more expressive skills.  All project work builds on prior knowledge and progress in skills level and artistic ability.  Throughout the three Years at Key Stage 3, the Art department enables pupils to think and act like an Artist.

Business – Business Studies develops a deep understanding of business in the real world. Pupils are not only introduced to the financial concepts of profit and loss, but also to corporate responsibility and the implications of unethical business practices. The curriculum is designed to highlight the benefits of a good moral compass. Skills are an important part of Business Studies. Students gradually build their skills in completing financial documents, providing them with the foundations needed to move onto financial analysis. Skills are practiced using real life business examples over the course. This provides pupils with the opportunities to develop their skills as well as have a better understanding of the variety of businesses in the UK.

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