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Expectations and Rewards

At Fairfield we believe that becoming a successful learner is underpinned by first becoming a responsible citizen – to be kind, inclusive and respectful. We aim to create a happy and safe school community in which all pupils are supported to work hard and receive an outstanding quality of education. In order to succeed in this, a high level of positive behaviour and self-regulation is required from our pupils. For this to happen we provide a personal development curriculum that supports pupils in becoming successful learners, confident individuals, and responsible citizens. We also provide clear expectations of behaviour in the classroom and within our school community, so that pupils know exactly how they are expected to behave. Our approach to behaviour management is to be positive, kind and consistent, with the desire to foster the development of mature, considerate young people, capable of accepting responsibility for their own behaviour.

Classroom Expectations

The following classroom expectations apply to every pupil in every lesson, every day. These are displayed in all classrooms and can be found in the pupil Fairfax.

Pupil Support

When necessary, a personalised approach will be taken based on individual need. Please see the following section from the Policy for Outstanding Behaviour and Conduct that explains our approach to supporting the individual needs of pupils.  

Fairfield Rewards

The Fairfield Reward system is designed to recognise when pupils meet, and exceed, our expectations. Successful learner reward points are awarded to pupils who perform superbly in lessons and who produce excellent evidence of their learning. Teachers will reward effort, excellence and improvement based on a pupil’s previous achievements. Confident individual reward points are awarded to pupils who join in, answer questions, perform and engage in learning independently, positively and to a superb standard. Again, this might be because of an improvement in performance. Responsible citizen reward points are given to pupils who show outstanding behaviour, attitude, kindness and respect. Parents can monitor their child’s reward points through the School Gateway app. As well as reward points pupils may receive praise postcards, Praise Assembly prizes and certificates in recognition of their achievements.

Fairfield Consequences

As Ofsted recognised in December 2022, lessons at Fairfield are rarely disrupted and the school environment is calm and orderly. Fairfield pupils are consistently well mannered, respectful towards adults and have a positive attitude towards their learning. When pupils do not meet our classroom expectations then the Fairfield Consequences are applied. These stages are designed to give pupils the opportunity to improve their behaviour before a sanction needs to be applied. The first two stages are verbal warnings and communicate to pupils that they need to improve their behaviour. In the vast majority of cases incidents will not escalate to Stage 3. Detetion sanctions are applied if pupils move to Stage 3 and above.

Learning Behaviour Grades

Four times a year teachers will report on the Learning Behaviour of pupils in their teaching groups. The following poster describes the criteria for each grade. Pupils that are awarded a C or a D will be set a target for improvement.

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