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Pupil Premium

Fairfield High School for Girls is driven by the principle of “outstanding progress for all”. This is because we believe every pupil is capable of great achievement and personal development. That includes every pupil, regardless of their background and any challenges that might otherwise affect their progress. Our rich and proud history of educating young women is rooted in high expectations of all pupils and a culture of ambition, pride and targeted and strategic interventions.

We aim to create:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning, make outstanding progress, achieve outstanding academic results and enjoy learning for the rest of their lives.
  • Confident individuals who are valued, and value others for who they are; young women who are able to live safe, healthy, successful and fulfilling lives.
  • Responsible citizens who make a positive difference to our communities and are ready to meet the challenges of lifelong learning and the world of work.

Our pupil premium strategy is informed by diagnostic assessment of pupils’ challenges and individual need and based upon research and evidence to ensure that all pupils receive an outstanding level of teaching, pastoral support and enrichment. The strength of our curriculum delivered through high quality first teaching with outstanding pedagogical subject knowledge and a comprehensive programme of continuous professional development ensures that the quality of education received by all pupils is excellent. When individual pupils need specific interventions, this is considered and implemented carefully and strategically to ensure the highest impact. Our strategy is integral to wider school plans for education recovery, most notably in its targeted support through the School-Led Tutoring Programme for pupils whose education has been most affected.

Research shows that pupils who are disadvantaged make less progress, on average, than their peers who are not disadvantaged. We work tirelessly to ensure that disadvantaged pupils in our school make at least as much progress as their peers, both academically and personally. All staff have high expectations of and aspirations for all pupils. Staff know pupils and their needs and work cohesively to overcome challenges for individual pupils. Staff understand the challenges faced by pupils who are disadvantaged and share a collective responsibility for their progress. Our Pastoral Faculty has been carefully developed to ensure that all pupils, particularly disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils, can access support needed from highly skilled professionals who work with relevant agencies to access additional services, where needed.

Fairfield High School for Girls
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