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Ofsted Report

Fairfield High School for Girls was inspected by Ofsted on the 6th and 7th December 2022. The overall effectiveness of the school is Good with the quality of education being judged as Outstanding. At the time of inspection only 6.6% (64) of schools inspected by Ofsted, under its new framework, received this judgement for quality of education.

The report highlights the following strengths:

  1. Pupils achieve exceptionally well academically because they access a well-designed curriculum that is delivered very effectively.  
  2. Leaders have incredibly high expectations of pupils’ academic achievement.
  3. The overwhelming majority of parents and carers who shared their views said that their child does well at this school.
  4. Leaders at all levels have a shared vision of the ‘Fairfield girl’ that they want pupils to become. They give careful thought to the experiences that they can provide to raise pupils’ aspirations.
  5. Pupils have opportunities to take positions of responsibility, such as being part of the head girl team or the Fairfield Forum Leadership Group. These experiences help to prepare pupils well for further education, training and/or employment when they leave school.
  6. Leaders have created a learning environment characterised by ambition. They are committed to addressing social disadvantage by supporting pupils to achieve academically. 
  7. Pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), experience a broad and balanced curriculum. Leaders ensure that pupils leave school with the qualifications that they need to succeed.
  8. Subject leaders have identified the important knowledge that they want pupils to know. They have organised it carefully, which helps pupils to build their knowledge over time.
  9. Teachers are experts in their subjects. They explain important concepts clearly. Pupils develop rich subject knowledge.
  10. Leaders prioritise reading. They have a robust approach to identifying pupils who are behind in their reading. Expert teachers provide a range of support to meet the needs of each pupil.
  11. Leaders have developed strategies to promote a love of reading among pupils. These include choral reading and events designed to immerse pupils in the world of a particular story. These dynamic experiences help to encourage pupils to read widely.
  12. Leaders and teachers provide excellent support for pupils with SEND. Pupils’ needs are quickly identified. Teachers receive detailed information about how to adapt their delivery of the curriculum to help these pupils to learn well. Teachers use these strategies effectively. As a result, pupils with SEND know and remember more over time.
  13. The school environment is calm and orderly. Pupils successfully manage their own behaviour as they move around the building.
  14. Leaders have created a personal development curriculum which includes teaching pupils about human rights and how to stay safe in an age-appropriate way. Pupils have access to a strong careers programme. They are provided with a wealth of information which means that they are well prepared for their next steps.
  15. Leaders at all levels strive to create a culture of inclusivity. Pupils learn about the protected characteristics.
  16. Leaders constantly reflect on how to improve the quality of education that they provide.
  17. The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Leaders ensure that staff are well trained to enable them to identify pupils who might be at risk of harm. Staff know how to report safeguarding concerns.
  18. Leaders work well with external agencies to provide the necessary support to pupils who need it. They are proactive in identifying areas of concern and developing the capacity in school to support pupils, most recently around mental health.
  19. Leaders use the personal development curriculum to teach pupils about how to stay safe. For example, pupils learn about the dangers of drug misuse.
  20. Trustees hold leaders to account.
Fairfield High School for Girls
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