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Fairfield Ethos

Pupils at Fairfield High School for Girls must uphold the highest standards of attendance, punctuality and uniform. Pupils must always conduct themselves sensibly, with maturity and above all, have a positive attitude to education, progress and achievement.

Attendance and Punctuality

Pupils have a duty to themselves and to school to attend every day and on time. Pupils should expect to be regularly challenged by tutors, pastoral staff and the Attendance and Inclusion Manager if they are routinely late or absent. Our school attendance target is 97%.

Conduct Around School

Pupils’ conduct around school (including lunchtime and break) should be orderly and sensible at all times. Safety in school is of the highest importance. Poor, irresponsible or dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated. Whole School Detentions will be given to pupils who do not conduct themselves in a safe and sensible manner.


At Fairfield High School for Girls we expect the highest standards of uniform, as laid out in the Fairfax. It is the duty of every teacher to monitor standards of presentation and dress of pupils. Form Tutors should make regular checks of uniform, which are underpinned by daily informal visual checks. Staff on corridors and in teaching rooms must be equally vigilant with regard to turnout and propriety of dress. No pupil who is improperly dressed should go unchallenged. Any concerns will be recorded in the Fairfax and if necessary contact may be made with home. Major or persistent issues will be referred to Heads of Year and senior pastoral staff.


As a mark of respect, pupils must stand when a member of staff enters the room at the start and at the end of lessons.


Fairfaxes should be neat, tidy and free of graffiti. They should be used correctly to record progress, attendance, Home Learning and any other relevant information. Fairfaxes are school property and are the primary method of communication between home and school. They should be signed weekly by the tutor and used correctly by the pupils. They should be used for recording assessment data, attendance and targets. The Fairfax is also a vital source of information on events, school rules and staff. Fairfaxes should be on the desks at all times during lessons. The cost of replacing a lost or defaced Fairfax is £3.50.


Pupils should be fully prepared for the school day. Pupils should bring everything they need ready for the school day. This includes PE kit, calculators and basic equipment like pens and pencils.

Mobile Phones/iPods/Smart Watches/Mobile Technology

Pupils should not bring any unnecessary technology into school. Pupils should not bring mobile phones, iPods and smart watches into school except for health and safety reasons. Pupils should not be seen with earphones, headphones or other evidence of mobile phones. Use of these devices in school is strictly forbidden. School is not responsible for lost or missing devices.

Form Tutors/Registration

Registrations are a vital part of the school day. Tutors are the first point of contact for all school issues and have a very important relationship with pupils. Form Tutors see their tutees twice a day giving them the perfect opportunity to provide daily support for any number of issues.

Food and Drink

Pupils should eat healthily and responsibly. Energy drinks are banned, pupils drinking them should expect to have them confiscated as part of our Healthy Schools agenda. Chewing gum is also banned on the school site.

Home-School Agreement At the front of the Fairfax is the Home-School Agreement, this outlines the responsibility of the school, parents/carers and pupils in supporting the high academic and personal development of pupils. This is signed by parents/carers and pupils at the start of the new academic year.

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